List of Funds

Art & Performance Funds:

  • Art Fund: (for building art)
  • Beth Hillel, Paul & Libby Wolfberg Entertainment
  • Beth Hillel Sless Music
  • General Music
  • Sharon Barshay

Building & Grounds Funds:

  • Beth Hillel Building
  • Beth Hillel Needelman Library
  • Beth Hillel/Emanuel Synagogue Library
  • Biblical Garden
  • Defibrillator (AED + training)
  • Flower
  • Green Building (eco friendly efforts)
  • Macy Accessibility (disabled access)
  • Siegal Garden

Discretionary Funds:

  • Rabbi Small
  • Rabbi Lazowski
  • Cantor Moshe Pinchover
  • Cantor Emeritus
  • Executive Director (Kobi Benita)
  • Dir. Youth/Family Learning (Barbara Fink)

Education Funds:

  • Adult Education, Beth Hillel/Emanuel Rabbi Lazowski (lifelong learning programs)
  • Bein Scholar in Residence (for special events)
  • Beth Hillel Edward N. Bromberg Ritual Ed. Memorial
  • Beth Hillel Joy Risa Berman Fund
  • Joey Azimov Special Needs (Religious Education)
  • Religious School (includes PTO Fund)
  • Torat Hayim

General Fund:

Supports general synagogue operations

Memorial Funds:

  • Beth Hillel Memorial Plaque
  • Beth Hillel Honorials & Memorials

Scholarship Funds:

For Emanuel youth, formal/informal education, camp, trips to Israel

  • Beth Hillel Ethel Karp Memorial
  • Beth Hillel Feigenbaum, Jonathan Lodge
  • Beth Hillel Gershenowitz
  • Beth Hillel Post Family
  • Beth Hillel Rebecca Schwartz Lazowski Memorial
  • Beth Hillel Sam Rosenthal
  • Camp Ramah
  • General Scholarship

Special Designation Funds:

  • Brotherhood
  • Caring Committee (food delivery to home-bound, gifts to college students, etc)
  • Emanuel/Beth Hillel Prayer Book (prayer books & other ritual items)
  • Beth Hillel Abe Morrison Shabbat Dinner
  • Beth Hillel Alex B. Lebed Family
  • Minyonaires (Minyonaire activities)
  • Friday Night
  • Sisterhood Tribute (Emanuel Sisterhood, kitchen maintenance)
  • Social Action /B’yadeynu (world emergency response, social justice and ethics programming)
  • Streaming Services Fund (NEW)
  • Torah Repair
  • Youth Activities (Kadima (pre-teen) & USY (teen) youth groups)

To Contribute to a Fund

1. Contribute ONLINE


2: TO MAIL IN: DOWNLOAD/Complete a 2020 Contribution Form, print out and return to: The Emanuel Synagogue, 160 Mohegan Drive, West Hartford, CT 06117.